Wednesday 12 February 2014

What's (new) in a name?

Been off for a while doing this and that, but as Arnie once said (or more than once, probably) I'm back. So what's up next? I was thinking about names, how we have shortened forms for out most common and favourite names, like Mick or Mike for Michael, Dave for David and Liz for Elizabeth. I thought - why not think of some new shortened forms which have never been used before? So I started researching, and here's the first crop of what will be a regular feature, while the names last, of course. Maybe some of them will catch on, though, somehow, I doubt it. So here goes:


Abraham: Bra, Ham
Adam: Dam
Ainsley: Sley
Alan: Lan
Alastair: Alas, Last, Stair
Albert: Ert
Amos: Aim, Moss
Andrew: And, Rue
Angelo: Gel, Jello
Anthony: Ton
Archibald: Bald
Arnie: Knee
Arnold: Knoll, Old
Arthur: Thur
Austin: Tin


Abbey: Bee
Abigail: Big
Adelaide: Del, Deli, Laid
Agnes: Ness
Alice: Lice
Alisha: Leash
Allegra: Leg
Amanda: Man
Amelia: Meal, Eel
Anabelle: Nab
Anastasia: Nastay, Stasi
Angelica: Jelly, Licker
Anita: Neat, Eater
Anneka: Neck, Necker
Annika: Knicker
April: Ape
Astrid: Rid
Aurora: Roar

Look out for letter "B"!