Sunday 30 March 2014

What's (new) in a name - 2?

Another post about how we have shortened forms for out most common and favourite names, like Mick or Mike for Michael, Dave for David and Liz for Elizabeth. These are the "Bs".


Balthazar: Taz
Barnaby: Bar, Barn, Nab, Bee
Basil: Ill
Baxter: Axed
Benedict: Edict, Kneedick
Benjamin: Jam, Jammy
Bernard: Earner
Blake: Lake, Ache
Bradley: Addle, Rad, Raddle
Brandon: Brand, Ran
Brent: Rent, Wren
Brodie: Bro, Ode, Road, Roadie
Brogan: Bro, Rogue
Bruno: Brew, No, Rune, Uno


Barbara: Arbour, Bar, Barb
Bailey: Ail, Ale
Beatrix: Ricks, Tricks
Belinda: Belly
Bernice: Ernie
Beverley: Ever, Early
Bianca: Bee, Yank
Brenda: Rend, Wren
Bridget: Bridge, Ridge, Jet

Look out for letter "C"!